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Astrology is so much more than the horoscope in the Sunday paper. It is an ancient knowledge, more than 1000 years old, that translates the “language of the universe” into useful and concrete information about the individual and about life itself. The main idea about astrology amongst people is anything but clear and positive. When the word “astrology”is usedmany people associate it with “fortune telling”, and by the word astrologer, they see a freaky special guy, that foretells the future to naïve people in distress. Astrology is anything but that!


It is an ancient science worth all the respect, that was studied throughout history by several influential people. Because astrology is so precise in the analysis of foretelling events, that should come true in the future, astrologers were often also pursued.

Even dr. Carl Gustav Jung debates of the meaning of Astrology, he was a famous swiss psychiatrist and the establisher of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy, he was also an exceptional astrologer and he is known as the father of psychological astrology. His findings are to this day subject to debate and study in all psychotherapeutic branches. 

In the past few years the interest in personal development techniques and astrology has been increasing. Through the analysis of the birth chart we can determine the path, that is “intended” for us, and we get the hints on how to develop personally.

From personal alignments in the natal chart we can get answers to questions such as, why do we act in a specific way in a certain situation, why does something agree with us and something else doesn’t, why do we have certain internal needs; we can get to understand why our partner is acting towards us in a certain manner (or we towards him); we can look into the way we communicate with others etc. Astrology gives amongst so many other things; clues, into which direction our life is flowing and will be flowing, so that we can prepare for certain events that might be coming.


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